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TRUE LOVE: Wife Saves for 3 Years to Gift Husband a Harley-Davidson [VIDEO]

This story takes us to India. One of the largest consumer markets in Asia, just next to China. We had reported earlier of Harley seeking to expand their presence in the market. But let’s keep the business aspect apart, and cut to the real story at hand!

The story goes all the way back to 2012! When Akhilee Matta was at a party at her then boyfrend, Gaurav Sethi’s place.

She happened to stumble across two posters firmly affixed to his wardrobe. One read, “25th August 2012: CS Gaurav Sethi”. While the other read, “11th December 2015: Harley-Davidson Iron 883”. For reference, CS stands for Company Secretary, a professional course in the country, somewhat like a CPA in the US.

Harleys are quite expensive in India, owing to the almost 130% import tariff that is imposed on them. And for the middle-income country, they’re quite the luxury vehicle.

Sticking to the posters Gaurav had stuck in his wardrobe, he called his wife on the very date the poster mentioned, and told her that he was now “CS Gaurav Sethi”.
And his wife made sure she had her part to play in the second poster. They later got married. And after three years of strenuous savings, she gifted the very bike to her now hubby, on the very date which was on the poster. Gaurav did get a Harley-Davidson Iron Rod 833 on 11th December 2015! And he just couldn’t believe it. Watch the video to see his reaction!

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