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Thug Begs Victim to Fight Him, Suddenly There’s a Flash and Then… Total Darkness [VIDEO]

We’ve got some pretty “kickass” footage today. It seems to have been shot on a phone camera by someone in their car, in a “not-so-good” neighborhood. This guy in a check shirt and beige pants walks out of this store, holding a packet. Maybe, it’s some groceries, I don’t know. And then for no reason, this thug walks up to him. He starts to look the guy in an offensive and intimidating manner.

Many people would straight away back down from a situation like this. But not, our guy in the check shirt. He looked the thug straight in the eyes, and a staring contest began.

The thug continued to elevate it, moving closer to the guy, eventually touching his forehead with that of the guy. And that’s when our guy had had enough of this non-sense.

All of a sudden, a punch comes flying the thug’s way! In a split second off his sunglasses go, flying in the air.

However, our guy didn’t just stop here. He gave the thug a couple of more punches, all the while holding his packet. The thug couldn’t even raise his hand. And the next thing is the thug lying on the curb.

And then, just to make sure the thug has learned his lesson, he kicked the thug again in the face. And then, very nonchalantly, walks away from the whole scene. Meanwhile, the thug lies there contemplating his life choices!

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