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The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff ‘Mayans MC’ Reshoot Underway, Still Looks Good For FX Pickup

The Mayans MC is a series all us bikers are eagerly waiting for. The spinoff of the uber-popular Sons of Anarchy is one of the most anticipated shows for bikers. Sons of Anarchy has been off air since years, and it was great to hear the Mayans MC being announced.

The new show will revolve around Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes. The show follows his story through the Mayans MC charter, located along the California-Mexico border. EZ would be seen struggling to earn respect of the love of his life, as he manages to extract revenge against the cartel. JD Pardo is being cast in this new role.

The pilot had already been shot, but now it’s heading for a reshoot. Several cast members are also being changed with this reshoot. We don’t yet have any details on why exactly the reshoot is being done. However, with this reshoot in place, we now know for sure that FX is picking up the show.

Another addition in the cast and crew is that of Noberto Barba. Barba would work as an Executive Producer and Director of the show. Originally, Kurt Sutter directed the pilot. However, Sutter will now work on the scripts, as Barba takes the director’s seat for the reshoot.

Sutter faced a similar issue back in 2008, before Sons of Anarchy premiered. He had to reshoot all the scenes which involved Clay Marrow, Club President.

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