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Royal Oak Police Turns to Crack Down on Loud Motorcycles Amid Complaints [VIDEO]

“Loud Pipes Save Lives”, that’s something a gazillion riders keep saying. And that’s not without reason. In an era of drivers being more distracted than ever before, riders really ought to do something to catch their fancy.

Unlike cars, motorcycles are compact vehicles and can disappear in their entirety in a driver’s blindspots. And even when we don’t become “invisible” in the mirrors, we’re still “invisible” to many riders who just don’t have enough attention on the road.

And the best way to make such drivers aware of our presence and reduce the risk to our lives is to have exhausts loud enough for them to notice. And that’s exactly what this town in Michigan doesn’t want.

The town of Royal Oak passed a local ordinance in 2016. The ordinance was meant to silence loud pipe. However, to their dismay, the ordinance couldn’t ever be legally enforced. It was found to be in conflict with state law of Michigan.

So, the Police found a way around to achieve the objectives of the ordinance which couldn’t be enforced. They started giving riders “defective equipment ticket”. Since bikes with loud pipes have their stock mufflers replaced with custom setups, the Royal Oak Police justify it as “defective equipment”.

Riders can although get the ticket waived if they change back the muffler to the stock one.

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