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RECALL ALERT: Harley Recalls Nearly 175,000 Bikes Because Brakes Can Fail

Troubles don’t seem to be ending for Harley-Davidson. Recently, there Q4 2017 results came out, and sales in 2017 were down 6.7% from 2016, with the 6-year sales declines showing no signs of stopping. Then came in the new of the Harley-Davidson Kansas City plant shutting down and putting 800 HD workers out of job.

And now this!

Unlike the other two, this isn’t something that’s only affecting Harley-Davidson and its employees. It’s something that’s going to affect you and me, the bikers! As many as 251,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles are equipped which might just fail.

175,000 of these Harleys are in the US!

A module in the ABS of the affected bikes is known to corrode and fail without any prior warning. Usually, only one of the brakes should go out, but in rare cases, even both can! This is a rather worrying situation.

The issue came to light after NHTSA received 43 complaints.

In these 43 complaints received till July 2016, as many as 3 riders crashed, and 2 were injured. The cause of the issue seems to be untimely change of brake fluid by riders. Harley recommends owners to change the fluid every 2 years. If not done, the old fluid may corrode the actuator valves of the ABS.

Harley has consequently issued a recall for the affected bikes.

The recall, which will cost Harley $29.4mn, will cover the Harley-Davidson VSRC and CVO Touring models manufactured between 2008 and 2011, and equipped with an ABS system. Owners of these bikes can take their bikes to the dealers, who’ll flush and replace the brake fluid. The recall kicks in on February 12.


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