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Punks Try To Burn The US Flag, But These Bikers Are Here To Stop Them

A country’s flag is much more than something that some cloth with colors on it, a country’s flag is a symbol that many have fought for, many have died protecting, and many have lost somebody during those times of peril.
It represents the history of a country and around 41 million men and women have served under the US flagduring wartime and a huge number, 1.3 million soldiers have lost their lives protecting the freedoms the flag represents.

To think you can decide that you can burn one in the middle of Green Park, NY, then you are nothing more than a punk, and you should get what you deserve, and to be honest, these punks that set the “Old Glory” on fire did not even get a real good ass-whooping, so that part does make us a bit sad.

During the protest, a group of them lit the battleflag of the Confederacy and the flag of the United States of America on fire, but then a few bikers appear, grab theflag out of the fire and put it out.

Next on their agenda was teaching the punks that set the flag on fire a lesson but punks being punks, just ran away trying to get away without taking any responsibility for their actions.

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