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Proper Motorcycle Riding Position For Pillion Rider

A lot of you may not be aware of it, but there are a correct way and an incorrect way to ride on the back of a motorcycle. The correct way is demonstrated in the picture below.

Joking aside, following are some real tips along with a video tutorial on how to be a good passenger on the motorcycle.

1. Make sure that the rider is absolutely ready for you to get on the bike. Once you are on the bike, you need to sit still because even the slightest of weight adjustments from your side at the wrong time could mean a disaster.

2. Once you are riding, you should lean on the bike and look over the rider’s shoulder from the inside will provide the best angle to look from.

3. Make sure to give the directions early enough if you are the navigator because it will help the rider with time to maneuver into correct positions and not panic.

4. You can predict a sudden stop by feeling the muscles of the rider tense.

5. Let the rider know whenever you need to stop.

6. Take the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) beginner course. A lot of non-riders gained precious knowledge from the course and how to be a good passenger.

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