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How To Pick Up A Big Motorcycle You Accidentally Dropped [Video]

There is a saying that if you have never dropped your bike even once then you are not a real rider. I am sure you are a good rider if you have not dropped your bike even once but most of us have and most of us have dealt with the situation, there is nothing wrong with dropping your bike accidentally, but it is wrong to not know how to correctly pick it up.

There are a lot of reasons as to why a bike would fall to its side including miscommunication, an imbalance in slow speed or maybe you just forgot to extend the stand! In any case, what you need to do is pick up your bike properly and not in a rash manner.

Watch this informative video of how to pick up your fallen bike with ease and avoid making any further damage to your bike by tipping it over to the other side by picking up way to fast.

Here is a 70 years old man who has a wealth of experience in the subject of riding and look at how easily he picks up bikes with a different weight range from more than 400 pounds to more than 900 pounds with ease.

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