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It’s Official – Riding Motorcycles Really Does Make You Stronger And Smarter

Science has ruled. Riding is officially the second best exercise in the world. Of course, after sex. A lot of people keep blabbering about the dangers of riding. However, what nobody talks about are the mental and physical benefits of riding.

As it turns out, riding is actually a great exercise for the mind, as well as the body. Since riding a motorcycle is much more challenging, physically as well mentally, than driving a car, motorcycling is a variety of benefits for the mind and the body.

A Study done at the University of Tokyo concluded that riding caused enhanced cognitive abilities in the subjects. Riders not only tend to be better with various cognitive skills, but they also tend to have lower stress levels.

Riding also increases one’s concentration. And in my own experience, if you’ve been riding for a long enough time, you develop several mental skills that car drivers just don’t. Skills like spotting a tar snake from a mile away!

Coming to the physical benefits. Riding apparently burns between 200-300 calories every hour! Riding against the wind further increases it. Professional race riders can burn as much as 600! All this calorie burn comes from the constant use of muscles required to maintain balance on a bike. In addition, it also contributes for a better muscle tone.

Riding has also been shown to make positive differences in people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Further, the continuous use of the thighs and the knees also makes riders’ knees stronger, and therefore, reduce the risk from knee injuries.

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