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Off-Duty Cop Attacks Bikers… Biker Fights Back And Kicks The Cop [VIDEO]

Seldom have we seen anything go to this extent.

And that too, when the cop isn’t even on duty. An off-duty cop nearly doesn’t have the same kind of rights and protections as someone who’s on-duty has.

However, I guess, nobody told this to this cop, who’s on some sort of power-high.

These group of bikers were traveling down a freeway, when this guy in a Ford F150 pickup cut them off dangerously.

Obviously, the bikers were infuriated, and a couple of heated exchanges followed, as the vehicles kept moving.

After a while, one of the bikers got close to his pickup, and smashed his hand at the pickup’s rear-view mirror.

The pickup then moves ahead. However, a little later, we see the pickup stopped. So, the bikers stop behind him.

And that’s when a guy wielding a gun comes out of the pickup.

He yells freeze, and moves towards one of the bikers, and points the gun at him. He tried to “arrest” the guy and take him to his car.

And that’s when the other guys decided to intervene. The guy wasn’t in uniform, didn’t have a badge or anything.

No matter if he was actually a cop or not, he had no right to threaten the bikers with a gun like that. So, the guys decided to kick his a$$ back, and call the real cops!

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