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Motorcycle Rider In Coma After She Ran into a Ratchet Strap Tied Across Street as a “Prank”

Most of us like to prank people we know. Some like to prank people they don’t even know. However, nearly all of us know where the limits are. What is a prank, and what is just a crime! This woman ran into a prank set up by a bunch of dumbheads that nearly cost her her life! She’s suffered severe facial injuries and had to be put in a medically-induced coma!

Linda was traveling with her fiance Ron Bondy on his motorcycle when the incident happened.
They were in the Southeast-side neighborhood in Tucson, when their bike ran into a ratchet strap. The ratchet strap was supposedly placed intentionally, most certainly as a prank, by some dumbheads. It was tied from a tree on one end, and a mailbox on the other.

Linda was traveling pillion on Ron’s sportsbike. As they traveled from near South Evergreen Avenue and East Silver Beech Drive, they ran into the ratchet strap.

Ron missed it, but it hit Linda in the face, as her seat sits higher than the front seat.

A report of the incident was filed with the Tucson Police Department, who are now looking into the matter. Doing something like this on the road is a major safety concern and the people who did this need to be behind bars!

Marie Bondy, Ron’s daughter, said:

“Whoever they are, they’re inhumane, absolute monsters.”

“I can’t imagine who would do something like that. I really hope that whoever is responsible is brought to very swift and strict justice because we are very, very distraught.”

Linda is currently admitted at the Banner UMC. Although she’s out of danger now, her recovery is slated to take a long time. Ron, meanwhile, said:

“She’s funny and she’s loving. Her heart is as big as this hospital.”

“Pray for her. She’s a beautiful woman and she’s going to be beautiful again.”

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