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Motorcycle Reveals Badass Hidden Paint Job As The Pipes Heat Up [VIDEO]

They say that a rider’s motorcycle is a reflection of his personality. There’s a lot your bike says about it. And I really agree with that notion. This is probably why most sportbike guys have more in common than they would with a Harley guy, and vice versa.

However, for some of us, just the choice of the motorcycle and the factory paint isn’t enough expression of our inner-selves. And it is guys like these who turn to custom body paint, custom work shops, and more.

Some of the stuff that comes out of these shops is just plane old whacky. However, there’s a lot of stuff that’s just insane. In the video we have today, we have an example of something quite amazing.

At first look it just looks like just another Harley with matt black tail pipes. And then the guy turns the bike’s ignition on. And we’re in for a real amazing surprise. Skulls start to appear on the pipes. And within a minute, the entire pipe is covered in a graffiti of glowing orange skulls!

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