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Mother Releases Footage Of Her Son’s Horrific Crash As Warning For Other Bikers!

Motorcycles can be the most fun thing. But, they can also be the most dangerous things. It doesn’t take a lot to cross that fine line between fun and fatal.

Someone crossed the line and Lewis Clark paid for it with his bike!
The crash took place in the Isle of Man, the nation known for absolutely crazy motorcycle races done on public roads! Clark, 22, was on a joy ride with a bunch of his buddies.

They were “riding free” through some mountain roads.
The crash took the life of another rider as well. Families of both these riders agreed to have the footage made public to serve as a warning to other riders. Lewis’s mother, Beverly, says:

“If I can just save one life, then something positive will have come out of this horrific journey that we’re now on.”

Lewis and his friends can be seen riding in the wrong lane around a curve.
Just as Lewis gets back in the right lane, a rider coming from the other side. This time the oncoming rider is traveling on the wrong side. The two collide head-on. The impact of the crash was such that the two bikes burst up into flames instantly.

The entire incident was caught on tape on a bike-mounted cam on one of Lewis’s buddies’ bikes. We hope this video serves as a reminder to all our daredevil brothers to ride safe!

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