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Man Robs Bank To Buy Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This is undoubtedly the stupidest and the most hilarious bank robbery I’ve ever heard of. Hardly any of us have ever been in a bank robbery. But, thanks to dozens of movies and TV series, it’s not really hard to picture one.

Bank Robberies seem like the crime of some bigwig criminals who come in, in complete stealth with heavy artillery and then just vanish into thin air with millions of dollars.
But, that’s not how William Ethridge went about it. All he wanted was a brand new Harley-Davidson. Well, I’d be lying if I said, I hadn’t ever contemplated robbing a bank with the prices top-end Harleys are touching these days. However, I’m 110% sure, I’d never be stupid to rob a bank, and if I ever were to, certainly not like this!

Ethridge walked into the West Star Federal Credit Union, located in Las Vegas. He took all of $19,000!
He then took a teller hostage and walked off the bank with him. Now, this is the point where a bank robber would usually just sit in a car with a running engine with his buddy and get away! But, again, not how Mr. Ethridge does it.

He carjacked and took a couple hostage, alongside the teller. Ethridge then went straight to business. He asked the couple to drop him at 5191 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Where? At the Harley-Davidson dealership!

He straight away went to the showroom with the cash he had moments ago robbed. Obviously, the three hostages went to a nearby police substation. And obviously, the police went to the dealership and arrested our cunning robber.

No injuries or other incidents were reported in the whole sequence. Ethridge is being charged with car theft, kidnapping, and robbery. Maybe “criminal stupidity” is another charge the court should consider!

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