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Little Girl BRUTALLY Abused By Stepfather, Then These BIKERS Shows Up… [Video]

Many people think that most bikers are up to no good. Especially if they’re big, have long beards, dawn colors, and drive bikes like Harleys. And they can’t be anymore wrong. Certainly not enough with bikers like these.

This girl was an innocent 10-year old when trauma began in her life. Her stepfather started to abuse her. By the time she could tell her mother 2 years, she was already deeply traumatized.

Five years after the abuse began, and when the girl was preparing to testify against her abusing stepfather, she had become a mess. She was afraid. She couldn’t sleep. And she had become suicidal.

But then, this girl met an angel. Tombstone, a member of BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse. It wasn’t long before the rest of the crew knew.

And then, these “bad looking bikers” rode in a sizable number to the little girl’s house. They stood outside her house. And when the little girl realized that these guys were there to save her, she relaxed. They stood there for a whole of 24 hours! As her mother tells reporters, she relaxed for probably the first time in 3 years!

The girl knew that nobody could harm her anymore. She had the the big, tall, strong guardian angels guarding her. Her stepfather ended up where she should’ve had long before, in jail! But the bikers made sure that the girl’s traumatizing past couldn’t haunt her. They continued to take her school, and made sure that she was happy and safe!

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