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Joke Of The Day: The Biker, The Lion, and The Reporter!

A man is passing through the National Zoo in Washington DC, riding his Harley-Davidson, when he sees a little girl. The little girl is leaning into a cage. A lion’s cage.

Within the blink of an eye, a growling hungry lion jumps towards her and grabs her by her cuff. He tries to pull her in.

The Harley rider jumps off his bike. Passes the frightened parents of the girl. And punches the lion in the face.

The lion is stunned, and lets go of the girl and retreats backwards. The biker then takes the girl to her parents who thank him profusely.

Interestingly, a ‘The Washington Post’ reporter witnessed the whole incident. He walks up to the biker and tells him that this was the bravest thing he’s ever seen anybody do in his life.

To this, the biker, very modestly says, “Ohh, it was nothing.” He said that the little girl needed help, and lion was behind the cage, anyway.

The reporter insists the man not to be so modest about his heroic act and tells him that he’ll publish the story in the next day’s paper. He proceeds to ask the biker his occupation and political opinion.

The Marine left, with a hidden excitement that he’d be in the papers the next day. The next day’s headlines?

“U.S. Marine Assaults African Immigrant And Steals His Lunch”

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