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ISIS Terrorist On Harley Davidson VS A 10 Thunderbolt II [VIDEO]

We’ve seen quite a lot of interesting footage of people on Harley-Davidsons going against stuff. We’ve seen Harleys go up against supercars, Harley go up against sportbikes, and what not.

And more times than not, Harleys came out as the winner, when nobody thought they would. However, this is the first time we have footage of a Harley going up against a fighter jet!

And this isn’t one of those Top Gear videos where they race a bike on the runway against a plane. It’s a very real footage of an air force officer taking a shot at an ISIS terrorist riding a Harley-Davidson in some desert land of the Middle East.

The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II developed in the US, and used by the United States Air Force.

It’s mostly used to neutralize ground troops, and it has been doing that brilliantly ever since it was first introduced in 1977.

40 years after its introduction, it’s continued use in service is being debated in the Air Force and even the Congress.

But, this footage is a real example of no matter what, these planes are some badass machinery.

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