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Here’s All You Need To Know About The Gremlin Bell!

Gremlin bells are something quite a lot of riders put on their bikes. But, not everyone knows quite a few things about it. Today, we’re going to tell you all the important things about the tradition and “rules” of gremlin bells. Gremlin Bells are small bells hung from motorcycles generally for good luck. These bells are most commonly found on cruisers, and even more so on Harleys.

What Really Is The Purpose Of Gremlin Bells And How Do They Work

Gremlin Bells are put up as good luck charms. They’re supposed to protect riders during a ride by warding off the evil “gremlin spirits”. This is why they’re also known as Guardian Bells and Spirit Bells.

It is said that evil spirit lurk the roads looking for motorcycles to cling to and cause mischief to. The weird hard-to-diagnose issues that come up in bikes are believed to come up because of these spirits’ mischief only.

The bells supposedly capture the spirits in their hollow bodies and then annoy them with their ringing till the spirits see it better to leave and cling on to a motorcycle without the annoying ringing.

Where Did The Bell Originate From

Like any other tradition/myth, there are various accounts and theories about the origin of Gremlin Bells. Of the numerous versions out there, only two seem to make good sense to me.

The first one is that pilots used to carry bells with them for good luck during the Second World War, and they just carried down the tradition with them to the ground and on their bikes.

The second one is that bikers of the 1950s and 1960s used the bells as anti-theft alarm systems. If anybody tried moving the bike in the middle of the night, the bell’s ringing would alert the owner.

The Rules Of The Gremlin Bell

Whether it’s superstition or logical, traditions are to be maintained in a certain manner. There are certain rules which must be followed, and here are the ones about the Gremlin Bell:

1. Not to be Bought: Gremlin Bells are supposedly effective only when it’s not purchased by the one whose bike it is to be put on. A loved one must gift it to the rider.
2. Positioning: Since the spirits supposedly roam the roads, they’re better caught as early as possible. This is why the bell should be hung from the lowest part of the motorcycle. People use zipties to affix the bells easily.

3. Not to be Sold: When a bike is sold, the gremlin bell on it shouldn’t be. It should be removed and put on the rider’s new bike. Or even if it is intended to be given to the seller, the bell should be given to them face-to-face.
4. Stealth has no impact: The gremlins caught by a bell go away with it, once arrested.

All the rules have to do with the simple explanation that the thing fueling the good luck of a gremlin bell isn’t some magic, but just the love and care of loved ones!

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