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Here’s How And Why Your Harley Can Wobble You To Death

In the recent past, we’ve reported several instances of Harley-Davidson suffering from various faults that can prove fatal for the riders. This is perhaps the most dangerous and frightening of all those faults.

The Death Wobble is something that has reportedly occurred in several Harley motorcycles. The wobble is essentially an oscillation of the motorcycle at a frightening frequency. The motorcycle starts jerking back and forth. Eventually, the jerks get so bad, that even the most experienced and skilled of riders will end up crashing.

This is something one would expect to happen in conditions of typhoons. But, for many Harleys, that’s nearly not what it takes. It’s merely a design flaw! We’re not really sure what exactly it is the flaw that is causing something so frightening as this. But, what we know for a fact is that Harley needs to fix this at the very earliest.

This video of a rider suffering the death wobble will send chills down your spine. You’d be forced to think several times before you get on to your Harley, after this! The rider is no noob. He has several decades of riding experience. The crash ended up in the rider suffering a punctured lung, broken ribs, and a quadruple compound fracture in his legs. The rider eventually went into coma, and may unfortunately never be able to use his legs as he was able to before the accident. Our prayers and wishes are with him for best recovery!

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