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Hells Angels MC Meet Bandidos MC On The Street, See What Happens Next [VIDEO]

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcyclce Club are both notoriously infamous motorcycle clubs.

Both of them form part of the “Big Four” of the “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs”.

Both are sort of the leading authorities for the rest of the outlaw motorcycle gangs in the country.

The Hells Angels MC has been classified as an organized crime syndicate by the United States Department of Justice. The Bandidos MC hasn’t yet reached that status with the authorities.

But nonetheless, like the Hells Angels, they too are classified as a “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang” by authorities in the US.

The clubs are among the biggest motorcycle clubs in the world. The Hells Angels has about 2500 members, and the Bandidos MC has about 5000 members. They have presence across the U.S., and even in many foreign nations.

In the US, the two clubs have frequently found themselves at odds with each other. There have been violent wars between the two concerning territory, control of various illegal businesses, and other contentions.

The video we have today seems like a gathering of the two clubs and several other motorcycle clubs. We’re not sure if the other clubs are also notorious one-percenters or just regular law-abiding motorcycle clubs.

We wouldn’t spoil the surprise for you so much in telling you what exactly happens. Do give the video a look. It’s sure to change your perspective on these one-percenter clubs!

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