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Why Are Harley-Davidsons Are So Loud? [VIDEO]

Harley-Davidsons are pretty loud motorcycles. And, nearly all of us who own and ride these things love this about them! What’s a bike that’s not loud, after all?!

However, not everybody’s a huge fan of the loud exhausts on Harleys. But then, if the law allows me, there’s little reason I shouldn’t do something I so really love!

A normal car, while idling, has sound levels of around 35-40dB. While a car being driven at freeway speeds would generally be between 50-63dB. Even the 2008 Ford F150 truck only does as much as 68dB, while traveling at 65mph! Some Harleys, on the other hand, can be as loud as 80dB! Some of the older models could reach as high as 100dB!

And for those of you, who don’t know how decibels (dBs) work, let me tell you that it isn’t arithmetic. An increase of 10dB means 10 times higher sound pressure!

So, apart from the fact that we like them that way, why ARE Harleys so loud? Check out this amazing video and learn why!

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