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Harley-Davidson Most Loved Brand by Consumers, Study Finds

We often say that Harley-Davidson is one of the most loved brands in the world, and there’s hardly any dispute to that. Of course, for some, it’s also the most hated brand, but that’s the kind of space Harley-Davidson has in our culture.

Being loved by its customers and potential customers is what shapes the present and future of any brand in today’s time of practically infinite options. MLBM, a “consulting, branding, experience, and technology” firm releases the “Brand Intimacy” rankings every year.

“Read one of the largest reports on brands based on emotion and see how strong bonds are created.”
For years, Harley-Davidson has been coming near the top in the rankings, and has topped them too, several times. This time too, Harley has come out on top.

What’s even more amazing for Harley is that they’ve finished on top in each of the age groups!

Customers in the age group of 35-44 and 45-64 felt really strongly about the brand. However, there’s one problem for the brand. A problem Harley has itself been recognizing since years. A problem they’ve been trying too hard to fix. A problem that they’re on the path to fix!

But what IS the problem?

The brand’s confidence among the millennials. Unlike the older folks, millennials didn’t show a very strong level of “intimacy” with Harley-Davidson. Mario Natarelli, a partner at MBLM, has an interesting comment on the same.

“As technology continues to disrupt the category in terms of car sharing, autonomous vehicles and electric/hybrids, it will be interesting to see which brands adapt best to the changing needs and priorities of their customers.”

From what we’ve seen, Harley is trying a good bit to “adapt” best to these changes.

It’s Street Rod redo, the plan to launch a 100 new motorcycles in the next 10 year, and the all-electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire is just the steps in this direction. But will they work? Perhaps, only time can tell.


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