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Harley-Davidson Denied Warranty To Veteran For Using A Flag

Dave Zien is a Marine Corps veteran, and also true-blue Harley-Davidson man. Not only that, Zien, is perhaps among the most experienced riders in the World. With 2.5 million miles under his tank, he’s ridden more than just about anyone and everyone we know. But all this is of little concern to the corporate Harley-Davidson. Harley is ripping off the Marine Corps veteran on a ludicrous technicality.

Being the patriotic man he is, Zien got mounts attached to his bike to fly two flags on his Harley-Davidson, including the American flag! These mounts were installed by Harley technicians in Harley dealerships.

As Zien cruises along the country, the flags on his Harley flutter in the wind majestically. But perhaps, Harley doesn’t like that sight. For, this is the very reason, they’ve denied warranty to the Marine Corps veteran. Zien says, “I mean Harley-Davidson this is ludicrous. The mystique and heritage of Harley-Davidson is suffering”.

In March this year, when Zien was riding through Dallas, the clutch on his Harley went out. Quite naturally, he made a claim to the company, as his bike was still under the seven years unlimited mileage warranty. Harley-Davidson tells him that because he flies flags, he’s black listed. He could never get warranty work done.

The reason Harley provides for this ludicrous denial of warranty is that flags cause drag on the engine and transmission. And, that the mounts aren’t Harley-Davidson products. Zien adds, “Ain`t nobody — ain`t nobody going to stop our flags. Not even corporate Harley-Davidson. We`re going to continue flying flags.”

Despite this ordeal, Dave Zien continues to be a Harley man by “heart and soul”.


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