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Harley Davidson Crash Tests Against Cars Show Just How Strong Harleys Are

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are some of the most well-built and study motorcycles money can buy. There’s a good reason many drag racers prefer to use a chassis from a Harley motorcycle.

We recently reported an article on how a Nissan Sentra hit a Harley-Davidson and ended up crashing itself, as the Harley continued on its own sweet path. Harleys offer great stability and even better sturdiness.

Motorcycles aren’t really crash tested like cars are. Since, in nearly all motorcycle crashes, even if the motorcycle stays intact, the riders may not. Riders are generally thrown off the motorcycle and end up hitting hard surfaces like other vs vehicles or the pavement.

However, that didn’t really stop the guys at WREX from crash testing Harleys against a bunch of cars. The crash testing was done in 2016, at the World’s largest Collision Reconstruction Conference!

Apparently, the crashes were done to develop equations to predict the impact speeds in a motorcycle crash, based on the wheelbase of the motorcycle and deformation of the target vehicle!

The results were absolutely brutal. At least for the poor cars they were! You really must check out this video. It is a first of a kind experiment in the world.

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