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Is This Harley-Davidson Commercial Too Risque For TV? [VIDEO]

Harley-Davidson is one brand we just love, at Life of a Rider.

And that’s not just because Harley-Davidson bikes are some of the best bikes we can get our hands on. But for many many more reasons. And one of them is Harley’s marketing team.

Harley’s marketing team has made some of the best TV commercials in the years. And this one certainly ranks high on our list of favorite commercials.

While some might say that this commercial is gross or adulterous. But we just can’t help admire the ingenuity of the ad makers.

The Ad shows a woman in bed with a man, as she hears a Harley pull up, outside the house. She looks down the window, and exclaims, “It’s him”. It’s almost as if she was cheating with this man on her husband, and her husband had just come.

The man on the Harley walks up to the room, as the other one flees. As the woman lay in bed with this man with the Harley, we see a photo frame at the mantle. And that’s when we realize the twist. The man she had been with before was, in fact, her husband.

You’ve got to bow to how badass Harley was, with this one!


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