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This Is What Happens When A Motorcycle Road Trip Goes Bad [VIDEO]

We love to see videos of skilled riders going all savage with their stunts on their bikes. However, what we don’t love is stupid guys trying to pull stuff they can’t, and endangering others.

Stunting in isolated areas and cordoned-off areas and other private places is completely okay, in my opinion. However, stunting on public roads is just plane jane stupid.

Not only are you committing an illegal act, but also annoying others, and endangering your own and fellow motorists’ safety.

Stunting on roads becomes all the more stupid when riding in a dense pack of riders. And that is exactly what these guys did.

The incident took place during the 2016 Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century event.

In the video, it’s absolute mayhem. You’d have to watch it a couple of times to understand what exactly happened.

It started with about 2 guys in different lanes crashing just about the same time.

As they fell, they caused several other guys to crash as well. By the end of it, as many as 6 motorcycles had crashed.

We aren’t sure of the extend of injuries suffered by these guys. But, for some of them, it looks really bad, by seeing how they got hit by the bikes following them.

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