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Girl on Hayabusa Trolls Hellcat! [VIDEO]

We don’t know where this happened. Or who it happened to. But, what we know for sure is what happened. And that was these guys in Dodge getting schooled pretty bad.

Perhaps the best thing about the entire video alongside the Busa’s sheer speed is how these guys reacted.

They didn’t act like wusses when they got schooled by this chic on a bike.

Instead, they acted like total sports. They caught up to the girl. The driver’s friend complimented the chic on how she schooled them. They have her stop for a little chat.

And then they ride alongside her again, to be schooled yet again. It was in good fun and spirit.

The guys are driving in a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with a K&N air filter. These things churn somewhere north of 700 horsepower!

However, that isn’t a lot of match against a souped-up Hayabusa!

As these guys are flooring the gas, and cross about 120mph, they hear an engine roar, other than their own. And within a flash second, the roaring engine left them far behind in the dust.

No, it wasn’t a supercar. It was a souped-up Hayabusa. And one being ridden by this awesome biker chic! She didn’t really divulge any details about the bike’s figure.

Neither did she show her face. But she was pretty cool and nonchalant about how she absolutely destroyed a car like that.

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