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Ghost Bike With No Rider Freaks Out People On France Highway In Broad Daylight

It was just a usual Wednesday with the Sun and the cars, outside Paris on the A4 Motorway in France. But that wasn’t the case for long, as it turned real spooky real soon. A number of motorists spotted a White chopper cruising along the motorway, with no signs of riders.

Soon enough, everybody’s cameras were out, and a couple of motorists shot videos of the incident. An unnamed driver, said to The Sun, “On the video, we can clearly see the two-wheeled… without a biker. A ghost!”

Before you start dialing ghostbusters, let us tell you it wasn’t really what you are thinking. It wasn’t a ghost riding the bike. And if in case, you thought it was a self-driving motorbike, it isn’t even that.

So what is it? Just the freaky after-effects of an accident. Apparently, the ghost bike met a collision with a car. Resultantly, the rider was shaved clean off the bike, while the bike continued in its inertia.

There isn’t any cause to worry, as the rider just injured his arm. The car driver and the bike owner looked for a while, trying to find out where the bike so mysteriously went. When they couldn’t find it, they went to the hospital.

Stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy noted on the incident, that in such incidents the bikes can go riderless for over a quarter-mile. The bike’s low center of video made it even easier.


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