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This Funny Motorcycle Commercial Shows Why Men Have Motorcycles

We recently did a feature on great Harley commercials. We love Harleys and we love their marketing folks almost as much! Some of Harley’s commercials are quite raunchy. And we just got to know that it’s not just the folks at Harley who have these balls of steel to come up with stuff like that.

Here’s presenting to you Big Dog Motorcycles. They’re apparently the largest makers of custom motorcycles in the World. Not only is their name badass, but so are their bikes, and even their commercials.

They’ve kept it quite simple and to the point. Women love bikers. There’re no two views about it. Every woman knows it. Every biker knows it. There’re a good number of reasons why women find bikers much more sexy than guys who don’t ride. In fact, we even did a feature on that recently. And this is what Big Dogs’ badass marketing team decided to use.

In the commercial, we see a family waiting in a station wagon at the signal. There’s the dad at the wheel, the mom in the front seat, and kids in the back. And just then, a guy on a Big Dogs motorcycle pulls up next to the car, on the woman’s side. You really need to check out the video and see what the woman does next!

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