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Dos and Don’ts of Sturgis Rally Every Biker Must Know!

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the world’s largest motorcycle rally. The rally usually sees as many as 700,000 bikers descending upon the otherwise small and sleepy town of Sturgis for a week. A week of full absolutely crazy fun! So, here’s a bunch of do’s and don’ts we compiled for you if you’re planning to make a trip to Sturgis!

1. DO take a lot of photos!

With all the craziness and booze going around, a lot can happen at Sturgis, pretty quick. And there’s a good chance you won’t remember anything (overdrinking!) unless you have your cues in the form of pics!

2. DO get a bikini bike wash!

All the hundreds or thousands of miles of riding you’re going to do till Sturgis is bound to make your ride dirty. And even if it doesn’t, you really should get a bike wash. Why? Well, because it isn’t some machine with big rollers and brushes that wash your motorcycle. It’s some amazingly hot bikini-clad women who do it for you!

3. DO attend a night party!

They say you haven’t really been to Sturgis if you haven’t been one of the crazy night parties at Sturgis! While the day is pretty fun too, the night is where Sturgis really lightens up!

4. DO check out the custom bikes!

Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Custom bike builders from across the country and the world put up their bikes on display for a number of reasons, including just bragging rights! Sturgis is the place you’ll see the best (and the wackiest) of custom bikes you’ll ever see!

5. DO take a ride to the Black Hills!

While generations have known Sturgis as a crazy gathering of bikers, but not a lot of people go beyond the town of Sturgis. It’s sad why they don’t because the Black Hills is an absolutely amazing place to ride through. And if you’re there, who can miss a ride to Mount Rushmore?!

6. DON’T forget to check out the wall of death!

Looking at the crazy bikers in the “wall of death” you’d begin to wonder if gravity is just a conspiracy theory! These bikers ride parallel to the ground on these vertical round wooden walls. It’s just a crazy site!

7. DON’T forget to get your souvenirs!

Sturgis is one of those experiences which can be had every year but can be remembered for a lifetime. It’s one of those times of your life, whenever you remember, you’ll most likely end up with a smile on your face.


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