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Cop Pulls Up Harley For Decibel Test. Ends Up Overheating The Bike Instead! [VIDEO]

A lot of towns and cities have ordinances in place that place a maximum limit on how loud vehicles can be. However, nobody’s really got the time to enforce that stuff seriously.

Even if you’re a bit above the limit, chances are you’ll never get pulled. Of course, if your ride sounds louder than a jet engine, anybody is bound to pull you up. This video, however, has a custom Harley-Davidson with some loud pipes.

But nearly not loud enough to warrant an action at most places. However, this biker got stuck at the wrong time at the wrong place.

He was stopped at a red light, somewhere on Scona Road in Edmontons in Alberta, Canada. And that’s when this cop asked him to pull over.

When he asked the cop what the matter was, he was told, it was for a noise test.

For the next 7 minutes, the cop tries to set up his equipment and take the bike’s decibel test.

Thanks to his inadequate equipment, training (?), or maybe both, he wasn’t able to get any proper results from his test!

However, the cop’s great police work did cause a result. It overheated the guy’s Harley!

Since that was the only result he could get, he had to let the biker go, without even a citation!

I really hope the Police would focus their time and effort more on “real” crimes, and not some loud pipes that save lives!

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