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Cop Pepper Sprays Passing Group Of Motorcyclists For No Apparent Reason

Here is another video of police brutality. Now, let’s make it clear that we deeply respect the police officers who put their life on the line to protect the law. However, we equally despise guys like him who misuse their authority and abuse the power given to them.

This incident took place in Fort Wroth, Texas, when a large group of bikers was riding by. The cop’s car was stopped by the side of the road, behind another car. We don’t know who these bikers are. However, we can very clearly see in this video that none of them are causing any traffic violations or any chaos of any sort. And, as long as they are in line, the cop has no right to take any such action against them.

The whole incident was recorded on the helmet cam of one of the bikers. Alongside being enraged at the cop for his abuse of power, we’re also baffled by his utter stupidity. Does he even realize that everybody has a camera these days?!

Nonetheless, this cop comes out of his car and pulls a can of what seems like pepper spray. And then, for no reason, whatsoever, he starts spraying it at the bikers. For those riding with the visor down, this could have had severely blocked their vision of the road. And for those riding with their visor up, they could have had very easily crashed. What this cop did was absolutely stupid, reckless, and criminal. He endangered the safety of the bikers and the fellow motorists on the road. The Fort Worth Police have supposedly forwarded the video to Internal Affairs for an investigation into the matter.

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