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The 3 Types Of Biker Wave Explained

Bikers are a community. They’re a brethren. Bikers look out for each other on the road. And when they see another one on the road, many of them make it a point to let the other one know that a brother is passing. Who one waves to differs from biker …

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Good News: Lawmakers Seek to End Motorcycle Profiling

America, the land of free. Where we take our civil liberties and freedoms really seriously. However, we’re still far from a situation where all citizens are treated equally. And no, we aren’t talking about racial discrimination right now. We’re talking about the profiling of motorcyclists as criminals and the consequent …

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300HP Harley Goes Up Against a 600HP Boss Hoss!

We all love the extra horses in our iron horses. For most people, 150 or so horses are more than enough for the most of their insane adventures. But, not for everyone. Besides, the extra horses never hurt anyone, did they?! The Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400 is almost the most powerful …

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Dear Cagers: An Open Letter from Riders to Drivers

1. Please, can you put aside the phone? We understand that driving can be a boring ordeal for many of you. And in today’s world it’s hard to stay away from one’s phone for long. But, every moment you’re fiddling with your phone, while on the road, you’re endangering several …

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7 Hidden Benefits To Dating A Motorcycle Rider

Ladies, make note, bikers are some of the best men you can date. And I’m not saying that just because I’m one. I’m saying that because I know that for a fact. We recently did a feature on the great things of being a biker. However, most of it was …

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