The Bandidos MC Now a Nonprofit Group

The Bandidos MC is one of the leading one-percenters in the country. The US Department of Justice puts them under the category of the “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs”. They’ve got chapters across the country helping them run all sorts of illegal activities from drugs to illegal arms to prostitution. However, …

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Hells Angels Making Presence Known

Outlaw motorcycle gang has erected signage on the front of its new Simpson Street clubhouse and police say they are aware the criminal organization is branding itself, 11 years after it was taken down in Thunder Bay during Project Husky. The Hells Angels have put out a sign announcing their …

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10 Messed Up Rules Biker Clubs Follow

For those of you who don’t ride, let’s make it clear that we aren’t talking about regular motorcycle clubs here. 99% of the folks in regular clubs are good-hearted people. Here, we’re talking about the “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs” (OMGs), the ones that run a variety of criminal activities, and …

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