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BREAKING: Harley-Davidson Rolls Out the Sport Glide, its Ninth New Softail for 2018 [VIDEO]

Harley is on a mission to win back a dying market, and it has the perfect strategy prepared. The company plans to launch a whole 100 new models in the next 10 years. A major step in that direction is all-revamped and new Harley-Davidson lineup for 2018.

The latest addition to the 2018 Softail line of Harleys released is the Harley-Davidson Sport Glide. The motorcycle will officially be unveiled on November 14th, at EICMA in Milan (Italy), the world’s largest motorcycle show.

These Softails powered by the Mikwakee 107 engines are the most powerful cruisers Harley has ever made. The Sport Glide comes with several interesting features, including a Smart Security System, keyless ignition, and a USB charging port, and Harley’s Daymaker LED headlights.

The bike gets new fairing which can be fastened or removed from the bike via quick-release clamps. The new fairing will deflect the headwind to the bike’s fork tubes, away from the rider’s chest. Inspiration has been taken from the batwing fairings found on Harley’s touring models. However, it was trimmed back to create for a more compact and sporty design, as is needed by the Softail line.

The model also has rigid lockable saddlebags designed such that they can be opened single-handedly by the rider while he’s sitting! A quick-release mechanism allows almost instant removal of these things as well, which have a combined storage of about 2 cubic feet!

The bike comes equipped with Harley’s new mono-shock suspension that also has a remote hydraulic preload adjustment system. This allows for the bike’s suspension to adjust for the weight of the rider, the passenger, and the luggage!

The Mantis cast-Aluminum wheels have been employed for the Sport Glide, with a 18-incher in the front, and 16-incher in the rear. Anti-lock brakes are also supposedly standard on the model. The spokes in the wheels have been designed to sweep to the rim from the hub. This apparently creates a sense of motion, even when the Sport Glide isn’t moving. The fairing and the saddlebags further enhance this “moving” look.

Harley has put in a lot of work to make these new Softail models a success. It’s apparently the most R&D they’ve ever taken up. Part of the research included reviewing as many as 3,000 riders on their preferences in a cruiser.

The 2018 Sport Glide will be available at a Suggested Retail Price of $18,599 for the Vivid Black trim, and $18,999 for the Silver Fortune and Twisted Cherry trims.

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