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BLM Protesters Block Roads… Motorists Take Brutal Action (Video)

The protest by Black Lives Matter activists has created a rampage in the entire America. The BLM protests have led to not only destruction of property, but death and violence as well.

Blocking the main roadways is the main part of any protest. But not many people pay attention to these protests. A lot of protesters even get hurt badly during a protest. The people using the roadways are being blocked by these activists and in such fury they even end up hitting them with their motorcycles and cars.

Several instances of the protest were recorded and compiled by a social media user. The video shows how badly the protestors have blocked the road, but they are not able to stop the people from using the roadways. Some of them are just smashed aside by the cars.

Have a look at the video and see for yourself how bad the situation could get. The protestors can’t just block the roads. The public won’t respond peacefully to such actions and it would surely result in violence between the two parties.

Watch the video here!


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