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Biker Threatened with Jail if He Doesn’t Apologize for Swearing at a Cop, He Stands his Ground

The problem of one-percenters isn’t just unique to us bikers. Just like those 1% jerks make the rest of us 99% look bad, the same goes with police officers. There’re men who put an honest day’s work risking their lives every day, just to make it better for the rest of us. And then, there’re jerks like this, who like to misuse their power and authority.

Russel Ayers, a retired trucker, was going down Highway 62 in Thomasville, North Carolina with a bunch of his biker buddies on his Harley-Davidson. It was a 60mph zone, and all the bikers were well in line. And all of a sudden, came a police cruiser doing a 100mph! And that too, with no sirens, no lights, no shit!

Fortunately, the police cruiser didn’t mow down any of the bikers. But what happened next, wasn’t any good either. When the police and the bike officers met off the road, Ayers called him the driver of the cruiser a “F_cking A$$hole”. Quite deserved, wasn’t it?

To that, instead of apologizing, a confrontation ensued. One of Ayers’ friends recorded the whole thing on his smartphone. And it’s just outrageous. One of the other officers asked Ayers to apologize for calling out his power-high friend.

Obviously, Ayers refused, and called the idiot an idiot again, for he could have had killed him and his buddies with his negligent and rash driving!

The officer continued to seek an apology out of Ayers for insulting his “battle brother”. And Ayers just wouldn’t budge. And then, the officer decides to escalate the matter, when he threatens Ayers with jail for reacting so calmly to the horrid wrong his partner did!

After a while, the officer realized he couldn’t charge Ayers or his buddies with anything, so he finally let them go.

But that wasn’t without sneakily making call to some of his other jerk buddies.

A little later some other officers harassed the bikers again, again for no reason! It makes my blood boil to see such jerks wearing those uniforms!

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