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Biker Gang Takes Over Interstate Until Jesus Scatters Them All Over The Road!

At Life Of a Rider, I absolutely love my fellow biker brothers. The bond of mounting those 2 wheels for the peace they give, despite all the risk, is a bond that ties me to the rest of you guys.

However, I can only share that bond with people who’re responsible, and chose to ride a motorcycle despite knowing the risks. I just can’t form the bond with folks who’re just dumb and stupid, and ride motorcycles to fool around with the rest of the motorists.

These are the guys who give us all a bad name, and that’s the reason I hate them. In this video we have today, there’re quite a few specimen of that breed.

A whole gang of these guys, most of whom are squids, are riding their crotch rockets on an interstate. Crotch rockets are meant to go fast, but the stupid “rebels” these idiots are, they decide to make them go slow.

And that too, on an interstate. These blot-in-the-name-of bikers block the entire road, ride pretty slow, and pull stupid stunts dangerously close to other vehicles.

Their charade had been going on a while, and of course was annoying the motorists stuck behind them. I’m pretty sure a lot of these motorists cursed these idiots. And this time, it worked. God decided to intervene, and decided to teach these idiots a good lesson.

Two of these riders crash in a pretty bizarre manner. Seriously, it takes skill to crash at such low speeds, on a good road, in a straight line! But, they do! And that’s when the blockade scatters.

To make things better, police sirens can be heard in the background. And that’s when all of them flee! Even the guys who had fallen off their bikes. They just abandon their bikes and flee!

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