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This Biker Club Has A Special Funeral To Honor A Fallen Member [VIDEO]

Death is a sad topic for everyone. It is one of those weird times in life when all you have in mind are happy memories but is still a very sad time.

A funeral is the way of a departed loved ones to honor their memory and lay them in rest, six feet under. If you think about it, a funeral is the last time a person’s mortal body lays anywhere but in their grave.

While most people do their loved ones’ funeral in the same common manner. Not, this husband. He decided that his wife’s death should be just as amazing as her life was.

Jennifer Ososki Jones, or has her loved ones called her, Jennefire, was a 43-year old woman who left for her heavenly adobe at a very young age.

“Free Spirit” was how Jennefire described herself. The couple have 4 dogs, and Jennifer loved animals deeply. She wanted her memorial donations to be given away to the Animal Rescue Foundation. Jennifer was part of a motorcycle club. So, when his husband had decided to carry her wife’s body on a motorcycle, the members of the club were more than happy to help. Unlike a usual funeral procession of just cars, Jennifer’s procession had quite a lot of amazing motorcycles too! Thanks to the guys from her club!

Unlike a usual funeral where the departed’s coffin is carried in a car, Jennifer’s car is being drawn by a Harley-Davidson. Behind the wheel is her loving husband. And we really loved how he took her wife to her final destination.

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