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“Bad Looking Biker” Heroes Save Police Officer’s Life

It was a regular Friday afternoon in Kingston. A police officer was on bicycle patrol, around 2:00 PM. That is when, he apparently spotted a man at lose from the law.

Like any good police officer would, Cst. Wisniak went to the man and alerted him about his arrest warrants, in a bid to make a no-drama arrest of the wanted man. The wanted man, however, was in no mood for jail. He immediately tried to flee.

When the Police Officer tried stopping him, the man allegedly grabbed the police officer, and a confrontation ensued. Meanwhile, bystanders just stood by and shot the incident on their smartphones. Nobody stepped up.

Not far away from the incident, two “bad looking bikers” were riding on their “big bad Harleys”, donning jackets that spelled out J.E.R.K.S. Nobody had yet stepped up to the aid of the police officer.

Now, one might thing these guys would come to the aid of the wanted man. But quite the opposite happened. The bikers freed the police officer, and held the wanted man, till more police arrived.

As it turned out, the bikers weren’t ordinary civilians. They were retired officers of the military police. Both of them have even served in duty tours to Afghanistan.

And ironically, the J.E.R.K.S here are not the Jerks one might think they are. But instead, it stands for “Just Every Riders’ Known Soldiers”. And we must say, that these two guys really lived up to the name.

The Kingston Police, in a press release on following Thursday, hailed the two men as heroes. We salute them as well!

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