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Awkward Man Sits On A Strangers Motorcycle, Then The Biker Shows Up [VIDEO]

Every now and then you will run across people who do not understand the meaning of personal boundaries and will go around like everything is ok with a jolly well attitude and it might sometimes involve invading your own privacy.

In this video we take a look at a man who is astonishing gets himself into a sticky situation where there was no need for anything like it. Here we are thankful for the motorcycle who was recording the whole incident with the help of a GoPro on his helmet and managed to get this incident on tape.

The biker seems to be at a gas station just refueling his motorcycle before heading down the road and minding his own business where a random person appears out of nowhere and just so casually sits on his bike and starts touching things he should not without permission.

It was so cringy, that the biker did not even know what to do and how to react to this guy who is getting way too comfortable with his bike. The biker to his credit kept his cool until the end. Let us know what would your reaction be if you saw someone getting as cozy as this random person with your bike.

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