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Asshole Driver Who Swerved And Hit A Motorcycle Finally Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Remember that asshole who ran two motorcyclists off a Texas two-line in 2015,

then had nothing to say besides ” I don’t care ”? Local news says he’s now been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

William Crum, 69, was arrested on Oct. 19, 2015 as video of his egregious road-ragery went viral.

The original clip as since been taken down, but the internet never forgets:

In the clip above, recorded near Granbury, Texas you can see motorcyclist Eric Sanders and passenger Debra Simpson powering up to pass Crum’s late-’90s Mercury Cougar on a double-yellow lined section of straight road. The car swerves hard laterally and wrecks the bike, which is simply identified as “a Kawasaki” by local news.

The Star-Telegram reported that Sanders escaped with minor injuries, but his passenger Simpson was hospitalized with a broken arm. It’s unclear whether the bike was totaled or not.

Crum, who has reportedly been in police custody for the year-and-a-half since his arrest, will now serve 15 years prison time for “two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

The Star-Telegram also figured out that Crum had previously been “convicted in 1994 in Somervell County of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and in 2007 in Somervell County of reckless driving and making a terroristic threat,” the latter of which apparently was related to threatening to run little boys over with his car.

F this atrabilious asshole. And you too if you can’t wait to comment “yeah but no-passing zone!” Somebody riding by a little faster than you appreciate doesn’t come close to justifying potentially lethal vigilante. Looks like the judge agreed with my sentiment.

Source: lanesplitter.jalopnik.com

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