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7 Ways to Live the Biker Lifestyle

“Ride to live, live to ride!” is perhaps the best phrase that describes the life of a “real biker”. There are VERY few things in a biker’s life which are of even comparable importance to his motorcycle and his biking! It’s a lifestyle like no other, a commitment like none other, and happiness like none other! Here are 7 ways bikers go about their life!

1. Whether It Rains Or The Sun Shines, They Ride All The Time

True bikers don’t like to picture themselves on anything but a motorcycle. No matter how bad the weather gets, these guys like to use their bike to commute and travel places all the time!

2. Freedom Of The Open Road

There’s no other freedom like the one on the open road. While the rest of the world is clamped down by the shackles of their everyday life, real bikers know what freedom really means! When it comes to taking that trip down the open road, they’ll never shy or chicken out!

3. Part-Mechanics

Some of these guys have more miles on their motorcycles than a cabbie would have on their car! No matter how great their bikes are, things are bound to go off every once in a while. So much so that they stopped with the hassle of taking their bikes to the workshop. They’re always caring for their bike and love working on it. Fixing their bike on their own is a matter of pride for them!

4. Motorcycle First

While the chivalrous men of the world have been saying, “Ladies first” since centuries, for real bikers, it’s always “Motorcycle first”! A good amount of their money is spent maintaining, caring for, accessorizing, and modding their rides!

5. Always Talking About Motorcycles

So much so that many of their girlfriends have left them because they’d just never shut up about their bike, not even in bed! Whether it’s a stranger, a friend, a significant other, or fellow bikers, these guys like to talk about bikes all the time!

6. The Brotherhood

The “brethren of bikers” is like no other. These guys aren’t just people who share the same type of machine, but the same type of passion! While mostly always these guys would be in a motorcycle club or at least a riding club, their camaraderie extends to just about anybody and everybody on two wheels! Whether it’s at the biker pub, a charity rally, or out there on the open road, these guys are always looking out for each other!

7. The Passion!

Like I said above, bikers aren’t people with a similar machine, but a similar passion! Every unique biker will have their unique definition of what or who makes a “true biker”, but there’s one aspect that’s the same to all of them. All of them have a passion for these bad things on two wheels that’s like none other! The freedom, the camaraderie, the feeling, and the gazillion other things which can’t be described in words, is what makes biking such a passion for them!


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