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17 Little Secrets Behind Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy was one of the best shows ever made for bikers. It’s been off air since years now, but the fandom has barely died down. With spinoff Mayans MC coming up soon, SoA is back the topic of talk for the biker town.

There’s a lot that goes into making something like that. Things the makers want you to know, and things they’d rather have you not know. Here are some of the latter!

1. Half Sack Killed Someone In Real Life

Johny Lewis played the part of Half Sack on the show, a not-so-tough character on a show full of tough badass bikers. However, Lewis in real life, killed an older woman, and then himself died!

2. Sons of Anarchy Wasn’t The Name They Originally Were Going With

“Forever Sam Crow” was what the show was originally going to be called. “SAMCRO” comes from the complete name of the Sons of Anarchy club in the show, “Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals”

3. Ron Perlman Was Afraid Of Motorcycles

Perlman was terrified of riding. He wanted nothing to do with it. He had to take classes to ease it out. However after a few drops, he never could get a hang of it.

4. Kurt Sutter Is Afraid Of Dolls

Remember when Tig freaked out after seeing a doll? That was Sutter writing his own Pediophobia into the show, through an otherwise pretty tough character!

5. Perlman and Hunman Acted Together In A Movie

“Frankie Go Boom” is the rather not-so-cool movie the two starred in together. There, Perlman isn’t a tough biker, but a transgender hacker!

6. The Police Station In The Show Was Actually The Production Office

The ‘Charming Police Station’ on the show, when not being shot in, was used as a production office!

7. Happy Was In The Hells Angels In Real Life

The character ‘Happy’ was played by David Labrava. Labrava was originally brough on to the show as a technical advisor who’d make sure that the motorcycle gangs were presented rightly. And that’s because Labrava was actually a member of the Hells Angels. Supposedly, he’s currently inactive with the Hells Angels, but is still in good standing.

8. Jax Was The Biggest Killer

In its 7-season, 92-episode run, Sons of Anarchy had more killings than most murder mysteries and crime scene investigation shows! Apparently, 175 people were killed on the show. Chibs has to his name 17 killings, Happy comes in at 24, Tig at 28. But, the real winner here is Jax. Jax killed 46 people on the show!

9. The Creators Tried Really Hard To Stay True To How Real Motorcycle Gangs Were Like

The shows creators paid a lot of extra attention to things to make sure that they weren’t pissing off any motorcycle clubs. All the way from the costumes to the workings, they tried to make it as real as possible. Guys like Labrava were brought in or consulted, who were actually in or associated with actual one-percenter clubs!

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