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100s of Riders From Different Motorcycle Clubs Unite For Ride to Promote Their Rights

In the recent past, we’ve reported multiple instances of law enforcement agencies infringing constitutional rights of motorcycle club members. The issue of motorcycle profiling was already bad at it is, and it’s getting even worse.

Law enforcement continues to treat MC members as crooks.
And there’s an urgent need for them to stop. Organizations like the Motorcycle Profiling Project are doing some excellent work in regards to this. However, we bikers as a whole, can’t just rest on the efforts of one organization.

Awareness needs to be raised all the way from the grassroots level to the Capitol.
And that’s what these riders, belonging from different motorcycle clubs, set out to do. It’s no secret that local motorcycle clubs can have disagreements between them. However, in an overwhelming show of solidarity, riders from different clubs united together to raise awareness for the rights of motorcyclists.

They want the discrimination and the profiling to stop.
They want everybody to know that they’re just ordinary people who like to ride bikes with their buddies dressed in the same attire as a show of fraternity. They’re upstanding members of the society, and they’re good people. Many of them help raise money for charities and do more for the community than your average Joe and Jane.

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