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100-Year-Old Biker Still Alive And Kickin’ It on His Harley [VIDEO]

Here we hear one of the more extraordinary stories of Charlie Zawalich by his own description. This man is a legend in himself, he is a 100 years old and still rides his Harley Davidson to this date.

In the video below we show you an interview with the living legend who rode his first Harley ever when he was just a 15-year-old boy. He traded his 1928 Chevy Roadster for his first motorcycle ever and it was a 1929 JD Harley Davidson.

Fortunately, there is a photo of him and his wife beside his 1937 Harley Davidson. In his lifespan, Charlie has owned a grand total of 16 motorcycles, 13 of which were Harley’s, 2 were Indian Motorcycles and one was a Honda Goldwing.

When he got the Honda his wife did not like it and said it did not sound good and it felt like he was riding a car and not a proper motorcycle. Watch in the video below of the interview of this amazing man and get a sneak peek into how his life has turned up and much more stories about how he still loves the open road and the freedom that comes with the Harley Davidson.

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