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10 Easy Rider Film Locations You Can Ride To

There are very few movies which are as iconic as Easy Rider. The 60s movie was a defining point in the portrayal of bikers. It’s one of those movies every biker has seen several times over. If you want to live the movie beyond the screen, on the road, on your two wheels, here are 10 locations from the movie which you can still visit!

1. The Mexican Connection

If you were to go by how locations appeared in the movie, this is one of the first ones you can visit. In the initial scenes of the movie, the heroes ride in Mexico, and make their connection a a bar called the “La Contenta Bar”. You can still ride to it, except that it doesn’t sell booze but furniture now, and is called the “Red Arrow Emporium”. It is located in El Prado, New Mexico, at 1302 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte.


2. The L.A. Score

This is the place where the guys make a deal with some “millionaire music guy”. The location is at the end of LAX main runway, on the Aviation Blvd. The part of the location doesn’t quite look the same as what was shown in the movie. Maybe, they filmed inside the airport, back then!


3. Dropping Out and Losing Time

The house where the guys slept after they had stuffed cash in their gas tank and thrown their watches at some ghost town in Death Valley, can still be visited. Albeit, it’s in ruins.


4. The Credits Roll

The old steel bridge the guys cross in the opening credits? It goes over the Colorado River on Rt. 66. Many other parts of the movie were shot along the old Rt. 66. The opening credits were shot mostly on the section between Needles and Flagstaff.


5. No Vacancy

Remember the scene where Wyatt and Billy pull into a motel in the middle of nowhere, only to be greeted by a sudden “No Vacancy” sign? The motel, now The Pine Breeze Inn, is close by to the Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill, where the famous sign still hangs, at 11840 West Route 66.


6. Hitchin’ a Ride

The guys meet a hippie hitchhiker, who they agree to give a ride, and then camped in the Wupatki National Monument. There are no cookies for guessing that you can’t camp at the monument like they did, but you can surely take backcountry hikes around the monument. These hikes will have you staying in camps near the area, and have to be booked in advance. They happen only in April and October.


7. Fill’er Up

The gas station at Hwy. 89 where the guys fill up, while riding with the hitchhiker, after they pass the Mittens in Monument Valley, is closed now. But you can still give it a visit.


8. Skinny Dipping

Remember it’s a movie, so you’ll go out-of-sequence once in a while, at least. The spring where Wyatt and Billy went swimming with those hot hippie girls is near Taos, in New Mexico, on the Rio Grande. Another good place to visit nearby, not in the movie though, is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.


9. The Night In Jail After The Parade

Remember how Billy and Captain America were thrown in jail after they joined a parade without any permit? The place where they meet Jack Nicholson. The exterior of that jail is in this sleepy Las Vegas, the one in New Mexico. This thing is now an art gallery called Tito’s!


10. Finally Louisiana!

The movie entirely skips Texas. And the legend is that even Hopper wasn’t crazy enough to shoot something with a bunch of long-haired guys in Texas! The guys ride over the Long-Allen Bridge, then down the Main Street, before finally rolling into the Franklin Cemetery, which is located at Main and Cedar.



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